Assessment and management of heart failure in patients with chronic kidney disease

Heart Fail Rev

4 Gennaio Gen 2024 6 months ago
  • Mushtaq S, Fusini L, Pontone G.

Heart failure (HF) and chronic kidney disease (CKD) are two pathological conditions with a high prevalence in the general population. When they coexist in the same patient, a strict interplay between them is observed, such that patients affected require a clinical multidisciplinary and personalized management. The diagnosis of HF and CKD relies on signs and symptoms of the patient but several additional tools, such as blood-based biomarkers and imaging techniques, are needed to clarify and discriminate the main characteristics of these diseases. Improved survival due to new recommended drugs in HF has increasingly challenged physicians to manage patients with multiple diseases, especially in case of CKD. However, the safe administration of these drugs in patients with HF and CKD is often challenging. Knowing up to which values ​​of creatinine or renal clearance each drug can be administered is fundamental. With this review we sought to give an insight on this sizable and complex topic, in order to get clearer ideas and a more precise reference about the diagnostic assessment and therapeutic management of HF and CKD.

Reference: Assessment and management of heart failure in patients with chronic kidney disease.
Guaricci AI, Sturdà F, Russo R, Basile P, Baggiano A, Mushtaq S, Fusini L, Fazzari F, Bertandino F, Monitillo F, Carella MC, Simonini M, Pontone G, Ciccone MM, Grandaliano G, Vezzoli G, Pesce F. Heart Fail Rev. 2023 Sep 20.

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