Heart failure in COVID-19: the multicentre, multinational PCHF-COVICAV registry

ESC Heart Fail

22 Settembre Set 2021 one year ago
  • Mapelli M, Mattavelli I

We assessed the outcome of hospitalized coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) patients with heart failure (HF) compared with patients with other cardiovascular disease and/or risk factors (arterial hypertension, diabetes, or dyslipidaemia). We further wanted to determine the incidence of HF events and its consequences in these patient populations.


Heart failure in COVID-19: the multicentre, multinational PCHF-COVICAV registry. Sokolski M, Trenson S, Sokolska JM, D'Amario D, Meyer P, Poku NK, Biering-Sørensen T, Højbjerg Lassen MC, Skaarup KG, Barge-Caballero E, Pouleur AC, Stolfo D, Sinagra G, Ablasser K, Muster V, Rainer PP, Wallner M, Chiodini A, Heiniger PS, Mikulicic F, Schwaiger J, Winnik S, Cakmak HA, Gaudenzi M, Mapelli M, Mattavelli I, Paul M, Cabac-Pogorevici I, Bouleti C, Lilliu M, Minoia C, Dauw J, Costa J, Celik A, Mewton N, Montenegro CEL, Matsue Y, Loncar G, Marchel M, Bechlioulis A, Michalis L, Dörr M, Prihadi E, Schoenrath F, Messroghli DR, Mullens W, Lund LH, Rosano GMC, Ponikowski P, Ruschitzka F, Flammer AJ. ESC Heart Fail. 2021 Sep 17. doi: 10.1002/ehf2.13549

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