26th European Practicum on Clinical Exercise Testing

9 Ottobre Ott 2024 0830 3 months from now 11 Ottobre Ott 2024 1830 3 months from now

Course Director: PierGiuseppe Agostoni, responsabile UO Scompenso, Cardiologia Clinica e Riabilitativa​

Cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPET) is the gold standard for exercise performance evaluation.
CPET is a comprehensive clinical and scientific tool in various fields of medicine. It allows the quantification of exercise limitation, the identification of the causes of dyspnea, the risk stratification of patients with several diseases, the preoperative risk assessment and the monitoring of therapeutic responses.
In other words almost everything that is in medicine.

This 3-day course is intended to give an overview of the physiological basis of exercise performance in healthy subjects and in patients with several diseases. The meeting includes a teaching course with lectures and tutorials in small groups. We will have live demonstrations on various types of exercise tests

Young Investigator Award

During the Young Investigator Award session two prizes will be awarded to outstanding researchprojects. For this session, scientific abstracts from the field of cardiopulmonary exercise testing may be submitted by researchers of age 35 and less.


Language: ENGLISH


FULL REGISTRATION € 1000,00 (VAT 22% included)
YOUNG REGISTRATION (Under 35) € 700,00 (VAT 22% included)

The registration fee includes:
• Entrance
• Refreshments at breaks and light lunch
• Social Dinner
• Free membership to CPXI for 2025