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Advanced multimodality imaging in cardiovascular disease

7 Novembre Nov 2019 0930 2 years ago 8 Novembre Nov 2019 1530 2 years ago
  • Andreini E TC

    Daniele Andreini

    RESPONSABILE Unità Operativa Radiologia e TAC Cardiovascolare

    STAFF MEMBER Monzino Women

    EQUIPE MEMBER Dipartimento di Cardiologia critica e riabilitativa

Recent advances in coronary CT angiography have put the technology in the frontline of the diagnostic strategies to detect coronary artery disease. A part from its high diagnostic accuracy, coronary CT angiography demonstrated to have robust prognostic value in patients with suspected but unknown CAD and in those with known CAD. The Prospective Studies PROMISE and SCOT-HEART have demonstrated the incremental value of coronary CTA over conventional practice in investigating patients with suspected angina. Moreover, the capability of CCTA to non-invasively identify and characterize coronary atherosclerosis has drawn the attention of researchers. The recent introduction of method that enable to add a functional assessment of coronary stenosis by CT (CT perfusion and FFRCT) allows to propose the method for the planning of interventional and surgical procedures.

Cardiac MR reached widespread acceptance as robust non-invasive diagnostic and prognostic tool in different cardiac diseases, including cardiomyopathies, ischemic heart disease and myocarditis. With the recent advances, cardiac MR allows to characterize the acute and chronic myocardial damage, with the opportunity to identify the myocardial disease in an early phase, including uncommon forms of genetic disease and the substrate of malignant arrhythmias.

Both cardiac CT and MR are becoming pivotal tests for the assessment of competitive athletes.

This meeting aims to offer the cardiologist, radiologist and technologist and specialists in nuclear cardiology, internal medicine, sport medicine and cardiac surgery a guide to know the latest technical and clinical advancements in the field of cardiovascular imaging.


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