[A&F: integrating research into practice and practice into research.]

Recenti Prog Med

12 April Apr 2023 10 months ago
  • Bonomi A.

This article proposes a focus on Audit & Feedback (A&F)'s sustainability. If on one side, it is essential to ask how to bring A&F interventions out of research programs into clinical practices and contexts of care. On the other, it is fundamental to ensure that the experiences gained within care contexts can inform research, helping to define the research objectives and questions whose development can support paths of change. The reflection starts from two research programs on A&F carried out in the United Kingdom, respectively, at the regional level (Aspire) in the field of primary care and at the national level (Affinitie and Enact) in the field of the transfusion system. Aspire raised awareness of the importance of establishing a primary care implementation laboratory, which randomizes practices to different types of feedback to evaluate the effectiveness, also to improve patient care. The national Affinitie and Enact programs served to 'inform' recommendations to improve the conditions for sustainable collaboration between A&F researchers and audit programs. They represent an example to understand how to incorporate research results within a national clinical audit program. Finally, starting from the complex experience of the Easy-Net research program, the reflection moves on to how it was possible to make A&F interventions sustainable in Italy beyond research projects, in clinical-care contexts in which the resources provisions make continuous and structured interventions difficult and impractical. The Easy-Net program envisages different clinical care settings, study designs, interventions, and recipients, which require different actions to adapt research results to the specific realities to which A&F's interventions are addressed.

Reference: [A&F: integrating research into practice and practice into research.].
Di Blasio N, Angelici L, Bonomi A, Ciurleo R, Deroma L, Giusti A, Pagano E, Marchesini Reggiani G, Acampora A, Il Gruppo di Ricerca Easy-Net P. Recenti Prog Med. 2023 Apr;118(4):196-203.

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