Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee is assigned the task of evaluating research projects and providing the strategic lines of clinical, profit and non-profit research. Currently the Scientific Committee's members are:

Ing. Mauro Melis, Managing Director
Dr. Luca Merlino, General Manager
Dr Chiara Oggioni, Chief Medical Officer
Prof. Giulio Pompilio, Chairman, Scientific Director
Dr. Mauro Pepi, Clinical Area Director
Prof. Piergiuseppe Agostoni, Director of the Department of Critical and Rehabilitation Cardiology
Prof. Gianluca Polvani, Director of the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery
Prof. Piero Montorsi, Director of the Department of Interventional Cardiology
Prof. Claudio Tondo, Director Department of Clinical Electrophysiology & Cardiac Pacing
Dr. Gianluca Pontone, Director of the Department of Perioperative Cardiology and Cardiovascular Imaging
Dr. Emilio Assanelli, Director Department of Emergency-Urgency
Daniela Trabattoni, Head of Monzino Women
Dr. Marco Scatigna, Director Clinical Trial Unit
Dr Omodeo Salè, Head of Pharmacy Service
Dr. Claudio Bassi, Head of DAPS
Alice Bonomi, Biostatistics Unit
Cristina Banfi, Program Coordinator
Dr. Giancarlo Marenzi, Program Coordinator
Prof. Damiano Baldassarre, Program Coordinator
Dr. Gualtiero Colombo, Head of Open Innovation
Dr. Stefano Genovese, Clinical Program Coordinator