Mecki Score: Metabolic Exercise Cardiac Kidney Index

The Mecki Score (Metabolic Exercise, Cardiac, Kidney Index) is a calculator of heart failure risk, that has been built using data obtained from a multicenter study which was based on >2700 patients with an average follow up of > 3 years. The tool is exclusively designed to be used by healthcare providers.

In order not to generate alarmism, developers allow patients to use the MECKI Score only on condition that the test would be performed together with a healthcare professional knowledgeable in cardiac medicine (eg a cardiologist or a general practitioner) able to correctly interpret both its clinical outcome and effects on the therapy.

The Monzino Cardiology Centre will cooperate with the doctors to analyze the results of Mecki Score. Please, contact the Heart Failure Unit at + 3902.58002299 / 2417/2772 or write to

Mecki Score is also available as an App for tablets. Download the App for iPAD.