Who we are

Centro Cardiologico Monzino was founded in 1981 and it is the first hospital in Europe dedicated exclusively to the research, treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease.
Thanks to its commitment on cardiovascular health, Monzino is able to perform per year more than 6,000 surgeries, 80,000 specialist examinations and 98,000 major diagnostic tests, with a high level of success and reliability.
Research activities are fully integrated with clinical departments, to translate as quickly as possible scientific results into new approaches for prevention, diagnosis, and patient care.
All the activities are inspired by values such as high-level of specialization, research, interdisciplinary care and continuity of services, aimed at keeping attention to the person at the center.
The Institute is equipped with the only specialized Emergency Room in Italy exclusively dedicated to cardiovascular emergencies.
Monzino is also a teaching hospital that hosts the School of Medicine, the Schools of Specialization in Cardiology and Heart Surgery, and the degree course in Cardiocirculatory Pathophysiology of the University of Milan. Clinical, research, and educational activities are integrated into a multidisciplinary approach with the mission “Research for Care”.
Since 2000, Monzino is part of the IEO Group (European Institute of Oncology and related companies).

Board of Directors


Mr. Carlo Buora

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Mauro Melis

Scientific Director

Prof. Giulio Pompilio

Monzino Numbers


6 Departments

219 Beds

9 Operating Theatres

730 health professionals (127 physicians and medical residents)

400 Postgraduate courses student/year (> 7% from abroad) for 60 courses or internships

250 University Cardiovascular students/year

Research Activity

12 Research Units

77 Researchers

104 Research Projects

101 Clinical Trials/year

349 Publications/year (2,563 Impact Factor)

18,000 Diagnostic examinations for research/year

Clinical Activity

80,000 Patients/year

12,000 Accesses in Emergency Unit

6,600 Surgeries/year

98,000 Diagnostic examinations/year

80,000 Specialist examinations/year