Among the rights of patients, the protection of privacy is particularly important: that is the right to exercise control over the process of managing information concerning them. In fact, there are some specific areas in the diagnostic and treatment process appropriately regulated because they can affect the sphere of protection of confidentiality.

MONZINO uses different kinds of personal information (personal, clinical, genetic data) for different purposes (diagnosis and treatment, scientific research, forwarding communications for fundraising, new studies, etc.). To enable the patient to be monitored through conscious participation, various communication channels are provided: in particular, the Information "Protection of personal data and protection of privacy" and "Health Dossier " are available online and in the reception hall of the Institute. The patient can also study the topic of data processing for scientific research purposes.

The participation of the patient presupposes the right to be correctly informed and, where foreseen, to express expressly the consent to the processing of personal data for the stated purposes. These consents can be adjusted at any time. To exercise your rights regarding access, rectification, cancellation, limitation, opposition, portability of personal data, to know the name of the companies or third parties that will process your personal data, to get information on data retention or to know your rights to complain to a supervisory authority, you can write directly to the Personal Data Protection Manager, using the following contact details: