Code of Ethics at the Monzino Cardiology Centre

Centro Cardiologico Monzino pursues excellence in the field of cardiovascular diseases, integrating scientific research and teaching with clinical activity, all with a constant focus on the quality of service provided to the patients.

The Board of Directors, in implementation of Legislative Decree n. 231/2001, adopted a Code of Ethics (and the attached Rules on conflicts of interest), to:

  • ensure correctness, transparency and efficiency in the conduct of the hospital’s activities, given the relevance of the public service provided by Monzino Cardiology Centre in its capacity as an IRCCS, affiliated with the University of Milan;
  • make known and enforce among all people who collaborate in various capacities with the Institute on the basis of a contractual relationship, even temporary (from here on, Collaborators), the set of values ​​and rules of conduct to which the Institute intends to make constant reference in the exercise of its activities, to protect its reputation and image.

The reference values ​​of Monzino Cardiology Centre are: respect for the patient, respect for colleagues and respect for the rules of the company’s organization. We are aware that the creation and dissemination of business values ​​cannot be separated from effective respect for fundamental principles such as professional correctness, personal integrity and confidentiality. In this perspective, the Monzino Cardiology Centre considers its Code of Ethics an instrument for regulating and governing the hospital’s activities and the principles contained in the Code as a model of conduct for external and internal relations at every level of hierarchy or functional responsibility.

Observance of the Code is considered an integral part of the contractual obligations assumed by Collaborators and its violation constitutes a serious breach of the obligations arising from the employment contract as well as a source of civil tort, with all consequent personal responsibility. The hospital’s Management monitors compliance with the rules contained in the Code of Ethics, ensuring any corrective actions in the case of violations.

Download the code HERE.