Department of Peri-Operative Cardiology and Cardiovascular Imaging

The Peri-Operative Cardiology and Cardiovascular Imaging Department deals with advanced diagnostic investigations affecting the heart, coronary vessels and cardiovascular system thanks to the use of the most modern technologies for imaging and skilled specialists in both cardiology and radiology.

This Department plays a crucial role in the complex management of patients with multiple cardiovascular comorbidities. Thanks to an advanced organizational model that sees cardiologists and radiologists collaborate in teams and thanks to the use of advanced imaging diagnostics (such as three-dimensional ultrasound, computed tomography and magnetic resonance), the research projects contribute to improve the clinical and diagnostic framework of patients and are oriented to:

  • better understand the complex links between degeneration of heart valves and risk factors
  • better evaluating patients for procedures and/or treatment
  • plan both coronary and valvular heart surgeries based on advanced imaging methods and follow the patient’s path (from preoperative to post-operative imaging)