Department of Critical Cardiology and Rehabilitation

The Critical Cardiology and Rehabilitation Department is dedicated to the cardiopathic patient's care with a recent acute event and the chronic patient with the aim of improving their quality of life.
It works on clinical stabilization, optimisation of drug and non-drug therapy, management of comorbidities, treatment of disabilities, secondary prevention and therapy adherence.

Over the last twenty years, the research conducted in the Department of Critical Cardiology and Rehabilitation has made significant progress with important applications in the clinical field.

The objective of the research carried out in this field is to contribute to:

  • analysis of the effectiveness of innovative drug therapies;
  • the assessment of cardiorespiratory damage in post Covid-19 patients. In particular in the last year the Department carried out analysis related to patients with symptoms of Long Covid, focusing on the cardiorespiratory function, the assessment of lung damage by CT-scan and the determination of the SPB surfactant protein and the association between symptoms and clinical parameters collected.

In 2022, studies continued on devices for cardiorespiratory remote monitoring (wearable devices, L.I.F.E.) or in the field (Cosmed K5 device, which measures the oxygen consumption of various activities performed by the subject).

Other studies regards prognosis studies and pharmacological studies to better understand the mechanisms underlying the benefits found with the most innovative therapies (e.g. Dapagliflozin, Entresto).