IEO - European Institute of Oncology

IEO (European Institute of Oncology) is one of the world's most prestigious hospitals and the fastest growing comprehensive cancer centre in Europe.
IEO is a Research and Teaching Hospital dedicated to adult oncology and it integrates the various areas related to the fight against cancer such as prevention, diagnosis, treatment, training and education, basic and translational research.

Designed and supported by Professor Umberto Veronesi, it is a highly specialised cancer centre where research and care have been closely interwoven since the beginning of its activity and it is fully devoted to innovation.

IEO assists more than 100,000 patients every year following the emerging principle of the “minimum effective” instead of the “maximum tolerable treatment”.

IEO strives for excellence in cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment through clinical and scientific research coupled with innovative organisation and management, while paying constant attention to the quality of the service offered to patients. The clinical, research and educational activities form a “multidisciplinary approach” with the mission to achieve “Excellence for a future without cancer”.

IEO constantly operates following values and principles that inspire our day-to-day activity:

  • Focus on the patient
  • Multidisciplinary approach from diagnosis to treatment
  • Continuous quality improvement
  • Experimental research development and rapid transfer of results to patients
  • Openness to international collaborations

Since 2000, Monzino is part of the IEO Group (European Institute of Oncology and related companies).

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