Mission and values


A very important aspect of everyday work is to instill confidence and safety in people who have a cardiovascular problem.
Monzino is a hospital tailored to the person, which guarantees a relationship "one by one" with the doctor who follows the patient in his path of care with the support of an experienced nursing team.

A distinctive and characterizing philosophy, that is due to the intuition of the founders and consolidated in an increasingly structured system of clinical policies and practices, allows to transfer in daily practice the values that inspire the activity: the high specialization, research, interdisciplinarity and continuity of service aimed at keeping the focus on the person.

The results of the research are transferred to the patient in the shortest possible time and one of the most important challenges is to ensure that the intervention time becomes shorter and the therapies become more tolerable.
At Monzino, a person with cardiovascular problems finds a human and welcoming environment and a team capable of accurately identifying the best cure for him or her.


  1. Respect and attention to the person
  2. Appropriateness of care
  3. Diagnostic and therapeutic research and innovation
  4. High specialization
  5. Professional and managerial enhancement of staff and business organisation


CLINICAL ACTIVITY Every year a high number of diagnostic examinations, surgeries and invasive procedures are performed with a high level of success and a large amount of emergency accesses are managed. Monzino carries out prevention and awareness programs for cardiovascular health and promotes psychological well-being.
CLINICAL RESEARCH The clinical research is integrated with basic research to facilitate the transfer of laboratory studies, performed on cellular systems and both animal and artificial intelligence models, to new approaches to diagnosis and care for patients. Clinical research has the exclusive focus on cardiovascular field, from clinical and interventional cardiology to surgery, with particular attention to new imaging techniques and the development of biomarkers for the identification of high-risk patients.
TRAINING The highest level of excellence in diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases is ensured by a continuous medical education program.