The cardiovascular research seen by the Monzino laboratories: 8-9 March 2018 "Who are we, what do we do, where are we going?". All about a "truly useful research", integrating clinical research with basic research. Don't miss this Symposium

13 February Feb 2018 0000 6 years ago
  • Elena Tremoli

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death and disability in the world and scientific research is the most effective tool to help millions of sufferers.
Researchers at Monzino, the first exclusively cardiological Italian IRCCS, are engaged daily in clinical departments and laboratories. And, at least judging from the "footprints" that they leave through their publications, the Monzino is much larger than one might think.
His profile is strongly international, with deep links of collaboration with numerous and prestigious research centers in Europe, in the Americas, in China.

If only for this reason, the Symposium "" on Thursday 8th and Friday 9th March, at the "Cesare Bartorelli" Hall of Monzino, in via C. Parea 4 in Milan, is not to be missed. For the fourth consecutive year, Monzino will take stock of the state of the art and the future prospects of his "useful" research, which integrates clinical research with basic research, for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Do not miss the opportunity to attend the event's scientific program for free.

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