Cookies Policy

What is a cookie and what does it do?

A cookie is a small file that a website sends to your browser and saved on your computer when you visit a website.
We use cookies to operate the site or to improve performance, but also to provide information to the owners of the site.
What kind of cookies does the website use and for what purpose?
The cookies installed through this site and other sites are as follows:

• Session cookies:
these cookies are active only for the relevant session, and allow the temporary storage of the information necessary for browsing from one page to another without having to enter it again. The use of these cookies is strictly limited to the transmission of session identifiers (consisting of random numbers generated by the server) which are necessary to allow the safe and efficient navigation of the site. The session cookies used on this Site avoid the use of other computer techniques that could potentially compromise the privacy of the user when browsing, and do not allow the acquisition of the personal identification data of the user. These cookies are installed only through this site which you are browsing. The use of this type of cookie does not require the user’s consent.

• Functionality cookies:
these are cookies used to store user-selected customisations, such as, for example, the language
- they are not stored permanently on the computer of the user,
- their use is strictly limited to the correct functioning of the technology used, which would otherwise cease to function.
These cookies do not record any type of information that can be traced back to the individual visitor. These cookies are installed only through this site which you are browsing. The use of this type of cookie does not require the user’s consent.

• Profiling cookies:
These are cookies used to identify user preferences by registering the sites and searches carried out in order to create a user profile and send them targeted advertisements, including those of third parties.
The Companies use these cookies in order to study the market, even in an aggregate form, as well as to offer users a service more in line with the advertisements displayed for attention to their needs and preferences.
The use of this type of cookie requires the consent of the user. This consent must be requested via the appropriate banner that appears before the user on the site through which the cookies are installed.
In relation to profiling cookies installed through Third Party Sites(see Lett. B, i), the user has already consented to the sites listed above through which this category of cookie has been installed: it is not therefore necessary for the user to give new consent here. We inform the user that he may revoke at any time the consent given and remove the profiling cookies through the procedures indicated in paragraph 4) below.

• Third-party cookies

A) Analytical cookies: Cookies may be installed on this site to calculate the aggregate number of visits to the site and to identify which parts of the site are most popular. This operation enables feedback to be obtained on the use of the site and, consequently, to intervene adequately on it to improve its usability by our users and customers. This activity is carried out using the service provided by the Google company called Google Analytics. It is a web analysis system based on the use of cookies, aimed at understanding completely anonymously how users use the Site (for more information visit the site: (for more information visit the site: information obtained through cookies about the use of the site (which may include, by way of example, the IP address, the browser and the language used, the preferences, the date and the time of access to the web page, the time spent on the site and on the sites visited immediately before and immediately after ours), will be treated by Google in compliance with the privacy policy available at the following address: These cookies are installed only through this site when you are browsing. However, it should be noted that the Google Analytics service is used with the adoption of appropriate measures to reduce the identifying power of cookies and to prevent the information collected from being traced. Therefore, these must be considered, for the purposes of the application of the privacy legislation, technical cookies, for the use of which user consent is not required.

B) Advertising profiling cookies: Our site also installs cookies issued by third parties, specifically the advertising profiling cookies for the collection of information from the navigation terminals that visit our site. To disable these cookies, see the information in the next chapter.To disable these cookies, see the information in the next chapter.Our goal is to present adverts as relevant as possible. To this end, the cookie technology makes it possible to determine the display of adverts on a terminal in real time, based on recent browsing on one or several sites or applications. You probably prefer seeing adverts that match what you're interested in, rather than adverts that you are not interested in. Similarly, advertisers who want to see their adverts displayed are interested in displaying their offers to users who are likely to be interested in them.
We use this type of cookie to:

• provide advertising companies with information on your visits to show you advertisements of greatest interest to you;

• adapt the advertising content displayed on your terminal through Advertising Dealers according to anonymous personal data that may have been collected when browsing websites owned by MONZINO.

C) Social network cookies: The cookies of this category are hosted following your consent to these social networks. To deactivate these cookies, please refer to what is indicated in the following point. These third-party computer applications, which we include on our site, are used in order to:

- allow you to establish a connection with the social network;

- allow you to identify the network if the sharing option is active;

- facilitate your registration to some of our services by re-using your social network identifiers so as to share the contents of our website with other people, or to make these other people aware of your consultation or your opinion regarding the contents of our site. This is particular the case with buttons like “Share”, “Like”, provided by the following social networks:

- “Facebook”

- “Twitter”

The social network may identify the user through this button, even if this is not used when you visit our website.
In fact, this type of button may allow the social network in question to track your browsing on our site, simply because your social network account in question was activated on your terminal (open session) during your visit to our site.
We have no control over the process used by the social network to collect information about your browsing on our site and linked to the personal data they have. We invite you to consult the privacy policies of these social networks to know the purpose of use, including advertising, of navigation information that they may collect with these application buttons. These policies should in particular allow you to exercise your choices on these social networks through your account settings for the use of each of these. At the following link on the Facebook page, and the link at the Twitter page, you will find more information on the relevant processing.
In the event that you refuse these cookies, as is your right, you may be prevented from accessing certain “social” sharing and interaction functions.

How can I disable cookies?

Most browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) are configured to accept cookies. However, most browsers allow you to control and even disable cookies through your browser settings. We remind you, however, that disabling cookies or navigation functional ones can cause malfunction of the site and/or limit the service we offer.

To disable analytical cookies and to prevent Google Analytics from collecting information about your navigation, you can download the Add-browser for the Google Analytics