Monzino Academy

Training at the Monzino Cardiology Centre. Vision and strategy.

Medical training is a process that accompanies every doctor throughout his or her professional activity.

The training resources of the Department of Clinical and Community Sciences and the Institute of Pharmacological Research for the Study and Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases of the University of Milan, together with those of the medical staff of the Monzino Cardiology Centre are committed to guaranteeing a programme of continuing medical education to maintain the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases at the highest level of excellence.

Specialist University training

The Monzino Cardiology Centre - integrating research and clinical work with university and post-graduate training as part of its mission as an IRCCS – offers training that embraces the entire range of specialised education in the cardiovascular field.

The Monzino also organizes a series of scientific, educational and dissemination events providing updating and clinical debate.

Continuing medical education

The training programme is flanked by a continuing medical education programme, with a range of educational strategies. from theoretical lectures to practical clinical updating courses on new methods and advanced technologies, from workshops to seminars and symposia. This training is aimed at doctors and health professionals throughout Italy, to develop the professional skills and performance of nurses, technicians and physiotherapists to the highest level of excellence in the management of urgent situations and emergencies as well as in the implementation of new technologies.

The training is divided into various areas of hyperspecialization:

  • Arrhythmias;
  • Heart surgery;
  • Critical care cardiology;
  • Interventional cardiology;
  • Cardiovascular imaging.

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