Polypill Strategy in Secondary Cardiovascular Prevention

N Engl J Med

25 October Oct 2022 5 months ago
  • Marenzi G among collaborators

A polypill that includes key medications associated with improved outcomes (aspirin, angiotensin-converting-enzyme [ACE] inhibitor, and statin) has been proposed as a simple approach to the secondary prevention of cardiovascular death and complications after myocardial infarction.

Reference: Polypill Strategy in Secondary Cardiovascular Prevention. Castellano JM, Pocock SJ, Bhatt DL, Quesada AJ, Owen R, Fernandez-Ortiz A, Sanchez PL, Marin Ortuño F, Vazquez Rodriguez JM, Domingo-Fernández A, Lozano I, Roncaglioni MC, Baviera M, Foresta A, Ojeda-Fernandez L, Colivicchi F, Di Fusco SA, Doehner W, Meyer A, Schiele F, Ecarnot F, Linhart A, Lubanda JC, Barczi G, Merkely B, Ponikowski P, Kasprzak M, Fernandez Alvira JM, Andres V, Bueno H, Collier T, Van de Werf F, Perel P, Rodriguez-Manero M, Alonso Garcia A, Proietti M, Schoos MM, Simon T, Fernandez Ferro J, Lopez N, Beghi E, Bejot Y, Vivas D, Cordero A, Ibañez B, Fuster V; SECURE Investigators. N Engl J Med. 2022 Sep 15;387(11):967-977.

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