Grey zones on diabetes in cardiovascular disease. Expert opinion

G Ital Cardiol

2 December Dec 2020 one month ago
  • Agostoni P, Genovese S

Clinical guidelines, while representing an objective reference to perform correct therapeutic choices, contain grey zones, where recommendations are not supported by solid evidence. In a conference held in Bergamo in October 2018, an attempt was made to highlight some of the main grey zones in Cardiology and, through a comparison between experts, to draw shared conclusions that can illuminate our clinical practice. This manuscript contains the statements of the symposium concerning the controversies in diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease. The first topic concerns the appropriateness of second level cardiovascular screening of the entire population of diabetic patients. The second gap in evidence concerns the validity of a target of glycated hemoglobin considering the last trials.


Trevisan R, Grosu A, Avogaro A, Agostoni P, Ceconi C, Genovese S, Bossi A, Pitì A, Senni M, Maggioni AP. [Grey zones on diabetes in cardiovascular disease. Expert opinion]G Ital Cardiol 2020 Dec;21(12):916-922. doi: 10.1714/3472.34545.

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