The Prospective Studies of Atherosclerosis (Proof-ATHERO) Consortium: Design and Rationale


9 July Jul 2020 3 months ago
  • Baldassarre D

Atherosclerosis - the pathophysiological mechanism shared by most cardiovascular diseases - can be directly or indirectly assessed by a variety of clinical tests including measurement of carotid intima-media thickness, carotid plaque, -ankle-brachial index, pulse wave velocity, and coronary -artery calcium. The Prospective Studies of Atherosclerosis -(Proof-ATHERO) consortium ( collates de-identified individual-participant data of studies with information on atherosclerosis measures, risk factors for cardiovascular disease, and incidence of cardiovascular diseases.


Tschiderer L, Seekircher L, Klingenschmid G, Izzo R, Baldassarre D, Iglseder B, Calabresi L, Liu J, Price JF, Bae JH, Brouwers FP, de Groot E, Schmidt C, Bergström G, Aşçi G, Gresele P, Okazaki S, Kapellas K, Landecho MF, Sattar N, Agewall S, Zou ZY, Byrne CD, Nanayakkara PWB, Papagianni A, Witham MD, Bernal E, Ekart R, van Agtmael MA, Neves MF, Sato E, Ezhov M, Walters M, Olsen MH, Stolić R, Zozulińska-Ziółkiewicz DA, Hanefeld M, Staub D, Nagai M, Nieuwkerk PT, Huisman MV, Kato A, Honda H, Parraga G, Magliano D, Gabriel R, Rundek T, Espeland MA, Kiechl S, Willeit J, Lind L, Empana JP, Lonn E, Tuomainen TP, Catapano A, Chien KL, Sander D, Kavousi M, Beulens JWJ, Bots ML, Sweeting MJ, Lorenz MW, Willeit P; Proof-ATHERO Study Group. The Prospective Studies of Atherosclerosis (Proof-ATHERO) Consortium: Design and Rationale. Gerontology 2020 Jul 1;1-13. doi: 10.1159/000508498

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