Private Services


On the day of admission, the nursing staff on the ward welcome the patient, present the room in the ward and collect the information useful for planning the patient’s care.

At check-in, the patient receives the necessary material directly from the administrative staff.

In the room

The following services are possible within the assigned room:

  • A telephone, to make and receive external calls, dialling the number 0 (zero) before the prefix.
  • A safe, which we recommend should always be used.
  • Newspapers/magazines. The daily charge includes a daily newspaper of your choice delivered directly to your room by the newsagent.

Visiting rights for relatives and acquaintances

Entrance for visits by relatives and acquaintances is free. An accompanying person may have lunch and dinner and stay overnight with the patient in his or her room, after informing the nurses.

For information on costs, contact the Private Admissions Office.

For information on affiliated bodies, visit the specific page.

A patient’s presence in the hospital can be maintained confidential, notifying the staff of the Admissions Office of this request at the time of checking in.