Chief Medical Officer

Luca Giuseppe Merlino

The Hospital Health Direction manages the organization and hygiene-healthcare aspects of the health services, in particular coordinating the clinical care sectors of the Centre with the dual mandate of achieving the strategic objectives established by the General Management and guaranteeing within the hospital the efficacy of treatments, efficient management, technical-scientific innovation and humanisation of the doctor-patient relationship.

The various activities are carried out according to a model of medicine as an integrated process, and then applied back to the development of synergies between the different components of the hospital system, keeping the patient at the centre of the process. The interdisciplinary models and those regarding management of hospital activities are developed by involving various members of staff.

Technical, hygiene and healthcare functions

The technical, hygienic and healthcare functions include those related to the management of clinical risk, to the control of hospital infections (through the Hospital Infection Control Committee), to the management of drugs (through the Drugs Commission and the Devices Commission that issue, update and maintain the relative internal manuals) and to the study of models of hospital care development (disease management and technology assessment).

Patient-oriented functions

Patient-oriented functions include the management of admissions (case-mix management) in compliance with waiting lists and emergency-urgent needs (admissions from the Accident and Emergency Department and the highly specialised emergency service) and the management of clinical records.

Clinical monitoring

The clinical monitoring of activities includes the management of health statistics, quality control of the information flows relating to hospital discharge records (disease-related groups - DRG) and collaboration with the Administrative Department in determining instruments for formulating the clinical budget and periodically verifying the achievement of the objectives. In synergy with the Information Systems, the aim is to use the modern potential of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to ensure the best management of health information, management efficiency, privacy of sensitive health information and the minimisation of processing errors.

The Hospital Health Department also participates in the work of the Ethics Committee and the Scientific Committee. Finally, it represents the Monzino Cardiology Centre in the College of IRCCS Health Directors, which, together with the Ministry of Health, develops the Applied Health research plans related to innovative management of National Health System hospitals.