A new EACVI certification process for training in cardiac CT

From 2018, EACVI will offer a certification process for cardiac computed tomography (CCT) based on the EACVI CCT core syllabus, to certify individual’ knowledge and evaluates training and acquired skills.

5 January Jan 2018 0000 6 years ago

The importance of setting a standard of cardiology training and accreditation process in Europe is an on going mission of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC). The ESC Core Cardiology Curriculum has been adopted in several countries as a framework for training and competencies to be acquired for general cardiology certification and recertification.

The need for competency-based subspecialized training has also been recognized. The European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging (EACVI), a registered branch of the ESC, is committed to maintaining a high standard of professional excellence among cardiologists specialized in cardiovascular imaging (CVI) throughout Europe.

To ensure a uniform quality standard of practice and professional excellence, the EACVI embarked on developing and providing an individual certification process for each imaging modality. Starting from December 2018, the EACVI will offer a certification process for cardiac computed tomography (CCT) based on the EACVI CCT core syllabus. The objective is to certify individuals who demonstrate the knowledge and competency in CCT. The certification process assesses the candidates’ knowledge, evaluates training and skills acquired.

At the end of this process, certified individuals will have successfully demonstrated a European standard for competency and to have the ‘know how’ for acquisition, interpretation, and reporting CCT exams. EACVI certification of CCT competency is not a compulsory or regulatory certificate. An individual’s right to report and sign clinical CCT studies in individual countries remains defined by national laws and regulations.

This is a new and great opportunity for all physicians involved in cardiac imaging and specifically in CCT, to receive an international certification of knowledge and competence in this emerging field of diagnostic cardiology.

Dr Gianluca Pontone, director of MR Unit of Centro Cardiologico Monzino and first author of the document.

Step by step checklist to complete the certification process

The following check-list should be followed step by step to complete the CT certification process:

  1. Go to Access page
  2. Include your EACVIMembership number
  3. Upload copies of Board Certifications
  4. Upload the certificate you have passed the European CCT theoretical exam based on the EACVI CCT core syllabus.
  5. Fill the template to provide an anonymous patient list identifying the indication and the diagnosis and if invasive evaluation was available (The cases can be collected with direct practical training or with virtual workstation experience).
  6. Upload the official appraisal from the Training Programme Director that certify the loogbok.
  7. Upload copies of CT certificates and publications
  8. Confirm the process and submit


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