Training Course

Hands on Cardiac Magnetic Resonance

26 October Oct 2015 0000 4 years ago 28 December Dec 2015 0000 4 years ago

Hands on Cardiac Magnetic Resonance is a practical course, aimed at medical doctors who wish to gain experience with this new imaging modality in Cardiology. The tutoring is modulated and shaped on the needs of the individual visitor and it is aimed at both physicians starting with this activity or with experience in this field.

The course includes the attendance of the magnetic resonance imaging service with a "doctor to doctor" modality. The visitor will reach autonomy in the acquisition, processing, interpretation and reporting of cardiac magnetic resonance exam.

The course is intended for Cardiologists, Radiologists, Nuclear Physicians, Specialists in General Medicine and Radiology Technicians. The number of attendees is limited to 10.