Intensive Program Imaging 2015

28 September Sep 2015 0000 4 years ago 30 September Sep 2015 0000 4 years ago
Over the last two decades substantial improvement has been made in the understating of ischemic heart disease and its different clinical presentations.
These include the substrate of acute coronary syndromes, the existence of obstructive and non-obstructive causes of acute and long-term stent and PCI failure are better understood, and the importance of ischemia driven revascularization to improve patient outcome has been repeatedly demonstrated.
In some cases this evidence has translated into recommendations in clinical practice guidelines. The coirse will be based upon a series of carefully selected real life cases that will lead to discussion about options both based upon experience and with reference to the published evidence using data briefly summarized at each discussion point, rather than in long formal presentations.
The cause will be an interactive meeting that srts out to explore the contemporary optimal and evidence-based management of patients with ischemic heart disease.