Research activities of Centro Cardiologico Monzino

Tremoli Long

Centro Cardiologico Monzino is the only Institute of excellence in Europe exclusively devoted to cardiovascular diseases. Our mission s to develop research in the cardiovascular field:

  • providing an intellectual home and a critical mass of researchers who pursue translational research;
  • favouring the interaction between basic researchers and cardiologists and/or cardiac or vascular surgeons;
  • expanding this critical mass by educating teaching staff to translational research;
  • functioning as a point of contact for external investigators and agencies interested in pursuing translational research in the cardiovascular field.

With this frame, the Scientific Direction provides planning, directions and support to the different components of the Centre. The patient is always central in all activities of the Center and major efforts are directed towards the creation of the best conditions that guarantee the excellence in research.

At Centro Cardiologico Monzino, the research model foresees the constant interaction between basic and clinical research in everyday life with the objective to provide data and results that tangibly can be applied to patients.

To this end, twelve independent Research Units focus their activity towards solving major cardiovascular research problems in strict conjunction with the research developed by cardiologists and heart surgeons working at Monzino. Below is the list of our Research Units.

Applied & Translational Research

Prevention & Epidemiology

​Clinical Research

The research programs facilitate training and research from proof of concept in cellular and animal model systems to new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches on the patient.

This allows implementation of the translational feature of research and ultimately results in the development of a full model of translational medicine, spanning from prevention to interventional programs in the cardiovascular field.

In 2015 the scientific production has been outstanding with an increase in total impact factor greater than 40% with respect to 2014. This has been due to the activity of both clinical and applied research, spanning from clinical and interventional cardiology, to heart and vascular surgery, with a particular attention to new imaging techniques visualizing the heart and the vascular tree and to the development of biomarkers for the identification of patients at high risk to develop the first (primary prevention) or further (secondary prevention) cardiovascular events.

Of relevance during 2015 and 2016, the Scientific Direction of Centro Cardiologico Monzino has directed the activities of the Rete Cardiologica, which has the objective to share research activities of the IRCCS within the cardiovascular field.

Education has always been one of the major goals of Centro Cardiologico Monzino, which hosts several sections of the University of Milano: the Cardiovascular Section of the Department of Clinical Sciences and Community Health, the Postgraduate School in Heart Surgery, the Postgraduate School in Cardiology, the first level Degree in Techniques of Cardiocirculatory Pathophysiology, the Master in Cardiovascular Nursing, the Centre of Pharmacological Research for the Study and Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases.

In conclusion, 2015 not only has confirmed the excellence in research of Centro Cardiologico Monzino but also has been a highly productive year and, thanks to the help of everybody, has been successful in terms both of science and clinical results in the care of patients.

Elena Tremoli, Scientific Director

Publications 2006 -2015


*) = For each year the IF was calculated using values published in the Journal Citation Reports of the previous year.