Monzino Sport - Check your heart

The Monzino Sport is a Sport Cardiology Center dedicated to athletes — from professional athletes to weekend sportsmen — who are at risk for, have been diagnosed with, or are recovering from cardiovascular diseases. The aim is to help them to continue safely to practice sport.

The Monzino Sport adopts a multidisciplinary team approach to personalize care for each patient, considering age, medical history and cardiovascular tests.

We offer consultations on:

  • Timely and comprehensive individual assessment on any sports activity
  • Cardiovascular assessment
  • Advanced imaging techniques to ensure accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment plans

The first line is our sport ambulatory where we perform an accurate clinical and sports history and we examine all the athletes with suspected cardiovascular diseases at a previous elegibility sport evaluation.

The second line is our non-invasive screening including advanced imaging techniques (MRI and CT scan) to ensure accurate diagnosis and treatment plans.

The third line is invasive evaluation and invasive therapeutic treatment especially in arrhythmic disorders.

In 2 years of activity, we evaluated more than 330 athletes and we treated more than 150 athletes with ventricular arrhythmias and 85% of them could come back to their sports activity.

Our dedicated staff

Director: Claudio Tondo, MD, Ph.D

Coordinators: Antonio Dello Russo, MD, Ph.D; Stefania Riva, MD

Ambulatory Physicians: Francesca Pizzamiglio MD; Mariantonietta Dessanai, MD

Hemodynamic Consultant: Alessandro Lualdi, MD

Consultant: Paolo Zeppilli, MD