Monzino Sport

Monzino SPORT is a service that offers a customized ultra-specialistic check up for the prevention of cardiovascular risk in sports, thanks to multidisciplinary skills and cutting-edge technologies.

Frequently the pathologies with a higher cardiovascular risk for the athletes do not present obvious symptoms.
To recognize them it is necessary to have, not only advanced diagnostic technologies, but also the highest levels of experience and specialization of the doctors who use them: elements that have always been present at Monzino.

In a single day, a hostess will accompany the athlete throughout the path to perform examinations, laboratory tests and diagnostic tests useful to define the clinical status in order to carry out the sport in complete safety.
Further investigations, deemed necessary by the Monzino Sport specialists, can be carried out in a second day.
At the end of the journey, a remote consultation will be made to discuss the results.

Monzino Sport adopts a multidisciplinary team approach to personalize care for each patient, considering age, medical history and cardiovascular tests.



Gianluca Pontone (Director of Perioperative Cardiology and Cardiovascular Imaging Department)

Claudio Tondo (Director of Clinical Eletctrophysiology & Cardiac Pacing Department)


Andrea Baggiano (Perioperative Cardiology and Cardiovascular Imaging Department)

Saima Mushtaq (Perioperative Cardiology and Cardiovascular Imaging Department)

Valentina Mantegazza (Perioperative Cardiology and Cardiovascular Imaging Department)

Francesca Pizzamiglio (Clinical Eletctrophysiology & Cardiac Pacing Departmenta)

Maria Antonietta Dessanai (Clinical Eletctrophysiology & Cardiac Pacing Department)

Carlo Vignati (Clinical Cardiology and Cardiac Rehabilitation Department)