Department of Cardiovascular Surgery

The Cardiovascular Surgery Department deals with the surgical and percutaneous treatment of a wide range of cardiovascular pathologies, from ischemic heart disease to heart valve surgery, to acute and chronic aortic pathology. The traditional techniques are flanked with the most innovative methods such as laparoscopic minimally invasive and valve reconstruction, with significant advantages in terms of reduction of post-operative pain and a shorter hospitalization for the patient.

The research activities of the Department focus in particular on the main cardiovascular pathologies of the adult patient: coronary artery disease, valvular pathologies and pathologies of the aorta. Special attention is given to the study of predictors of major intra and post-procedural complications. Specifically, the objective of research in this field is to contribute to:

• study the genetic and molecular mechanisms underlying the onset and progression of aortic valve and mitral disease;

• models of prediction and prevention of complications following surgery;

• outcome studies in valve disease;

• development of hybrid treatments (minimally invasive and transcatheter surgery) in patients of middle to advanced age and with high risk of cardioembolic complications.