Among the rights of patients, protection of privacy is of special importance for the cancer patient. It is the right to have control over the management of the information relating to the patient. Indeed, there are some specific areas in the diagnostic and treatment pathway appropriately disciplined because they can affect confidentiality (disclosure to third parties of health conditions, retention of reports, consulting in the absence of the patient, the call in communal waiting rooms).

Centro Cardiologico Monzino uses different kinds of personal information (personal, clinical, genetic data) for different purposes (diagnosis and treatment, scientific research, forwarding communications for fundraising, new studies, etc.). To ensure the patient has control through a conscious participation, different channels of communication are provided (information on the website and signs in the vicinity of the administrative acceptances). For any information related to scientific research, please refer to

The involvement of the patient assumes their right to be properly informed and to expressly manifest their consent to the processing of their personal data for each specific intended purpose. Such consent is usually requested at the time of the first contact/access to IEO and may be amended at any time.