Patient Services

All the services and clinical performances that Centro Cardiologico Monzino can offer to you

Medico Sorriso

CCM can offer patients the following services.

OUT Patient services

Check up (you do not have any symptoms)

Structure of pack:

  1. Specialist medical examination (cardiologist)
  2. Laboratory examination.
  3. Instrumental examinations optional(for people with Low, Medium and High Risk)

Second opinion (you have suspects only, yes or no?) available soon

Structure of pack:

  1. Specialist medical examination (cardiologist or cardiac or vascular surgeon).
  2. Instrumental examination (echocardiography in 3D, stress tesechocardiography)

Extra options for some patients

The possibility to make MRI (with a special program for cardiac reconstruction), Spiral CT with contrast, electrocardiogram and pressure monitoring (24 hours), neck vessels ultrasound + IMT calculation, renal vascular ultrasound, CT chest, one or two-weeks electrocardiogram monitoring by V-Patch®, CCM offers:

  1. the possibility to detect early stage of cardio-vascular disease in only six hours of check-up
  2. the possibility to detect early stage of vascular disease (coronary, carotid and aortic aneurysm) by CT-scan instead of invasive angiography

IN Patient services

Surgical procedures:

  1. Acute situation and plan situation.
  2. Heart and vessel surgery.

After the first visit with the surgeon the hospital admission is organized within a maximum of 48 hours. This period is necessary in order to organize the most appropriate surgical procedure. In one day the patient is undergoing preoperative examinations (anesthesiologist consultation and other)

After the acute postoperative period we will organize a period completely dedicated to a specific rehabilitative program.

The main procedures we can offer are:

  • aorta-coronary bypass surgery (with o without extracorporeal circulation);
  • cardiac valves replacement or repair;
  • minimally invasive cardiac surgery for aortic valve disease;
  • aortic valve-sparing operations;
  • transaortic percutaneous aortic valve implantation;
  • great vessels surgery;
  • surgical treatment of atria fibrillation;
  • reoperation.