Ethics Committee - IRCCS IEO and Monzino

The Ethics Committee of the IRCCS Istituto Europeo di Oncologia (IEO) and Centro Cardiologico Monzino (CCM) is accredited by the Lombardy Region and the National Medicinal Agency.

The components of the Committee are selected in order to provide a high level of pharmacological and clinical expertise in the two different therapeutic areas and in compliance with the ex-novo professional skills required by the national and regional decrees. The lack of any conflict of interest is also a major concern.

By December 2016, 51 new clinical trial applications, as well as 16 applications for substantial amendments on ongoing trials, were evaluated in 5 plenary sessions of the Cardiology Area of the Ethics Committee.

Ethics Committee

as from september 2020

ALAMANNI Francesco, Heart surgeon

BERTI Ferruccio Pharmacologist (Vicepresident)

BOELLA Laura, Bioethicist

BONARDI Maria Santina, Representative of health professions

CERUTTI Sergio, Clinical engineer and expert in medical devices

DE CARLI Luigi, Expert in genetics

DIONIGI Renzo, Surgeon

GALLUS Giuseppe Vincenzo, Biostatistician

GASTALDI Stefano, Representative of voluntary and patient advocacy associations

MAGRINI Fabio, Cardiologist

MERLINO Luca Giuseppe, CCM Chief Medical Officer

MICCINELLI Pasquale, Law and insurance expert

NONIS Atanasi, Pharmacologist, Regulatory expert

OMODEO SALE’ Emanuela, IEO and CCM Pharmacist

PELLEGRINI Maurizio, General Practitioner

REZZONICO Rossano, Pediatrician

Research institute and particular studies

MASTRILLI Fabrizio, IEO Chief Medical Officer

ORECCHIA Roberto, IEO Scientific Director

ORSI Franco, Clinical experienced in new technical, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures

PELLEGRINI Massimo, Nutrition expert

POMPILIO Giulio, CCM Scientific Director


MELIS Mauro, IEO and CCM Chief Executive Officer

Technical Staff Secretariat

NONIS Atanasio, in charge

DETTI Serena, Coordination