Department of Cardiovascular Surgery

Cardiovascular Surgery Unit for University Training

At the Centro Cardiologico Monzino, a deep and consolidated expertise in the traditional cardiac surgery techniques is combined with the mastery of the most innovative methods for the treatment of ischemic heart disease and its acute complications, valvular pathologies and congenital defects in adults, to provide each patient the technique that best suits your needs.

Research Activities

  • The research activity of the Monzino Cardiovascular Area is closely integrated with the clinical activities and focused on the translational aspects of the major cardiovascular pathologies of the adult:

    • coronary heart disease;
    • valvular pathologies;
    • aortic diseases.
    • The Area also concentrates its research activity in the study of the predictors of the main intra and post-procedural complications.

    Thanks to its exclusive cardiovascular vocation, Monzino is able to allocate important human and structural resources to translational clinical research in the surgical field.

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