Department of Cardiovascular Surgery

Post- Intensive Cardiovascular Surgery

The Peri-Operative Cardiology Unit together with the Post-Intensive Cardiosurgery Unit were born in 2022 to begin a new path of treatment for patients candidated for cardiac surgery, to better combine the high specialization, the expertise and experience of cardiologists and cardiosurgeons.

At Centro Cardiologico Monzino cardiologists and cardiosurgeons closely cooperate toghether also with the nurses and the physiotherapists in order to achieve the best results.

For example, the cardiologists (who deal mainly with the normal routine of the department), being experts in cardiovascular imaging actively contribute to the instrumental diagnosis in the pre and post-operative fase. The cardiosurgeons, out of the operating room, mainly deal with the surgical problems such as the control and the cure of the surgical wounds, the chest drains, or of definitely invasive approaches, like the evacuative thoracentesis of pleural effusions or the drainage of a pneumothorax.

This collaboration has allowed to arrive at a "whole" that is higher than the "sum of its parts" thanks to the unique and cohesive team of cardiologists and cardiosurgeons.