Area Interventional Cardiology Area

The cardiac catheterization laboratories of the Centro Cardiologico Monzino are equipped with the most advanced and innovative tools to offer a full range of state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

Together with traditional angiography and quantitative angiography, additional invasive diagnostic and imaging modalities such as intravascular ultrasound, virtual histology, optical coherence tomography and fractional flow reserve allow more precise and accurate evaluation of coronary lesions to be treated and assessment of post-procedural results. Furthermore, a dedicated cardiovascular Imaging Department, – that includes Echocardiographic Laboratories, Cardiovascular Radiological Imaging (Computed Tomography) and Cardiac Magnetic Resonance, with the most updated imaging techniques in the three areas, – allow a multimodal diagnostic integration for a more precise selection of the best treatment for each patient.

Last but not least, due to more and more sophisticated interventional cardiology techniques, in the Monzino’s catheterization laboratory operates a skilled anaesthetists team, to guarantee an adequate hemodynamic condition and sedation.

Soon after the discharge from the hospital, patients can enter a dedicated outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation program carried out by Monzino’s Heart Failure, Clinical Cardiology and Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit.