Department of Cardiovascular Imaging

The Department of Cardiovascular Imaging includes the echocardiography, diagnostic cardiovascular radiology (cardiac computed tomography - CT) and nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) laboratories. It is equipped with the most modern technologies for diagnostic imaging, including the Revolution CT scan that allows extremely accurate images to be obtained while significantly reducing the amount of radiation delivered to the patient. An interdisciplinary approach favours cardiovascular specialisation, with an integrated approach to imaging (standard and stress-echocardiography and/or cardiac CT, intracardiac ultrasound and CT, cardiac MRI) that's further improving diagnostics in the Department with new procedures.

The Department is part of the Section of Cardiovascular Diseases of the University of Milan and collaborates with the Department of Biomedical Engineering of Milan Polytechnic, and some of the most important national and international institutes in the field.

A centralised digital archive make all images (radiological, ultrasonographic and angiographic) available to the Institute's clinicians.